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Warren Mfg. Co., Warrenville, S.C.
Warren Mfg. Co., Warrenville, S.C.

The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering Warren Mfg. Co., Warrenville, S.C.


Title                                       Warren Mfg. Co., Warrenville, S.C.

Digital Collection             Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

Contributing Institution               Richland County Public Library

Identifier                            Cotton029

Bibliographic Citation    W.B. Whaley and Company. Modern Cotton Mill Engineering. Columbia, S.C.: State Company, 1903. Print.

Transcription                     WARREN MFG. CO., WARRENVILLE, S. C. Capital, $500,000; Spindles, 33,000; Looms, 900. President, E. F. Verdery.

In IHIS mill is located in South Carolina, at the junction corporated 1896, THIS nljn js located in South Carolina, at the junction of the- old Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad, and the South Carolina and Georgia Railroad, about twelve miles from the cit) of ^^313, Ga.

It is situated between the tracks of these two railroads, on a beautiful clear stream 0f water.

The mill is 127 foot wide-. 264 feet lone. 24 bays of 1.. feet, 8 inches each, and is four 1 • 1 _ ^ i. -h t Mil. stories high, 1 7 leet each.

Con necting with this is the engine- room. pS l> 56, and the- boiler room, 36 l>v 69. The boiler room is built ol sufficient size to accommodate a battery ol boilers lor a second mill which tt is proposed to build in the future.

The power lor operating this mill is furnished l>v a 1,000 horse power cross-corn pound condensing engine. The condenser is ol the- Spv ro-jet type, and operates under a head ol 10 feet.

The power is distributed to the head shafting located in belt way through i'+ inch ropes ■ ■ > L-. WARRI x ■ [PAN> 1-1 11 ;« heated bv the Sturtevant system, and is equipped throughout with air moist,-nine apparatus, and I Jit* 171111 1 II* »l L.11 I' '11 I'll tected from fire by sprinkler and hydrant systems.

 Ihe sprinklers are supplied bv a to.ooo-gallon tank ,. , ,. lT1, ,.,,,,.rs The machine shop and lighting generators are driven from a jack shall located jn ocateel "1 " " • 1 • 1 • 1 1 -n nt of engine room.

This shaft is driven from the mam engine when the mill is m operation, and another times bv a small high speed engine driving through friction clutch.

This mill commenced operations in the summer ol 1898, and has been successfullj run ever since. List of Machinery I fsed. ,,,., ,. 11. Corliss Boilers and Engine.

Knowles Fire Pump. Knowles Spyro-jel Condenser. Sturtevant Heating. [ones & Laughlin's Shafting. " T. Atherton Lappers.

Pettee Cards and Drawing, with Metallic Rolls on Drawing. VVoonsocket Roving. Fales & fenks Spinning. Easton & Burnham Spoolers. I traper Warpers. Cohoes Slashers. I traper Rooms. Curtis & Marbh' Cloth Room Machine.

The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering